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Sunday, 17 September 2017


Have some of your childhood memories gone wrong or have they gone right?
Like running and falling over or climbing a tree and getting stuck? This has happened to me before. Like the time that I was in a running race. It was athletics day. We all lined up at the start line. the teacher yelled on your marks, get set go!!!!! I sprinted down the track. I was passing kids that were trying there hardest to win. I finally got to second place when it all went wrong, I fall to the soft squishy grass. Embarrassment washed over me. I had mud all over my face. I picked myself up quickly and carried on with the race. But now I was fifth. No! Sixth seventh. Everyone was passing me, I had run out of energy. I'm finally last. I was gutted  and embarrassed after the race.
Another time, It was a hot sunny day. I’d finished my delicious lunch.  I rushed to the nice relaxing pool and splashed around.
After half an hour and of fun,with my friends. I decided to hop out of the pool and head back to the changing room. But as I was getting out of the pool my colourful togs, fell down around my ankles my face went red like a fresh tomato.
But I pulled my pants ‍up. I was really lucky then because someone could have looked at me. I learnt my lesson by not climbing out of the pool, next time I will use the ladder.
When you think back to those embarrassing moments, you realise that they last a long time, longer than the more usual memories like falling off your bike, unless it's embarrassing when you do it of course.
                          By Riley


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