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Sunday, 18 June 2017


The first day at camp it was 7.45 in the morning. I hopped on the big blue bus. The bus went slowly around the corners because it had 64 kids on it. We finally got to camp and we unpacked our heavy bags in our bunk rooms. We had in our bunk room Ben, Hayden, Hendrix, Jye, Tyler and me. We went down to beach and found crabs and made rock sculptures. With the rock sculptures we had to have partner. My partner was Hendrix. We pretty much made a castle. After, we walked back to camp which was down the road. When we got to camp we did high ropes. There were all sorts of amazing challenges.  After 3  hours we had a party. Tyler brought glow sticks. Hendrix brought lollies and Hayden brought a disco ball. After we fell asleep. The next day we started with orienteering. We played hide and seek for search and rescue. For hide and seek, we were in a team with Lily, Jye and myself. We ran up to the top of the muddy hill where the loud river was, and the slippery, muddy bank. 10 mins later Murphy, Harry and Kingston found all three of us in the big, green, muddy bush.

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