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Sunday, 17 September 2017


Have some of your childhood memories gone wrong or have they gone right?
Like running and falling over or climbing a tree and getting stuck? This has happened to me before. Like the time that I was in a running race. It was athletics day. We all lined up at the start line. the teacher yelled on your marks, get set go!!!!! I sprinted down the track. I was passing kids that were trying there hardest to win. I finally got to second place when it all went wrong, I fall to the soft squishy grass. Embarrassment washed over me. I had mud all over my face. I picked myself up quickly and carried on with the race. But now I was fifth. No! Sixth seventh. Everyone was passing me, I had run out of energy. I'm finally last. I was gutted  and embarrassed after the race.
Another time, It was a hot sunny day. I’d finished my delicious lunch.  I rushed to the nice relaxing pool and splashed around.
After half an hour and of fun,with my friends. I decided to hop out of the pool and head back to the changing room. But as I was getting out of the pool my colourful togs, fell down around my ankles my face went red like a fresh tomato.
But I pulled my pants ‍up. I was really lucky then because someone could have looked at me. I learnt my lesson by not climbing out of the pool, next time I will use the ladder.
When you think back to those embarrassing moments, you realise that they last a long time, longer than the more usual memories like falling off your bike, unless it's embarrassing when you do it of course.
                          By Riley


Monday, 3 July 2017

Week 7

Week 7
Our group made a vortex wing I built the vortex wing by myself there were all sorts of things. I wonder if the paper would break because it is lite and the wind was strong.
My data is good because the thing went good. My inference are ok because I am good at inferences.

Monday, 26 June 2017


This week we started our flight rotations Jye and I built a paper helicopter. We used a tutorial to build it. We used paper scissors and a pencil after we could do designs on them I draw a race car and my name. I wonder if the helicopter would fly because the helicopter was made out of paper and the wind could of pushed into someone and break. I am at multistructural because I have three or more ideas. I am ok at gathering data.

Sunday, 18 June 2017


The first day at camp it was 7.45 in the morning. I hopped on the big blue bus. The bus went slowly around the corners because it had 64 kids on it. We finally got to camp and we unpacked our heavy bags in our bunk rooms. We had in our bunk room Ben, Hayden, Hendrix, Jye, Tyler and me. We went down to beach and found crabs and made rock sculptures. With the rock sculptures we had to have partner. My partner was Hendrix. We pretty much made a castle. After, we walked back to camp which was down the road. When we got to camp we did high ropes. There were all sorts of amazing challenges.  After 3  hours we had a party. Tyler brought glow sticks. Hendrix brought lollies and Hayden brought a disco ball. After we fell asleep. The next day we started with orienteering. We played hide and seek for search and rescue. For hide and seek, we were in a team with Lily, Jye and myself. We ran up to the top of the muddy hill where the loud river was, and the slippery, muddy bank. 10 mins later Murphy, Harry and Kingston found all three of us in the big, green, muddy bush.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Date:Tuesday 7th march 2017
  Today at discovery I drawled a big passenger plane and a car called a Nissan skyline and also played the guitar first I will start with the plane with the plane I tryed to

Date:Tuesday 14th march 2017
I learnt how to make a movie with Amos we learnt to play the movie get the people ready and persisted in the challenge was to get the guns and swords ready
Why it is  good to learn this because

At Discovery I learnt to do a drift . On a Mountain bike the first. time I didn't do it right because it was not the right time to pull in the brake. The second time I pulled  the braked to late but finally I got it right
The challenge was to not hit the market cones because if you hit the market

Today at Discovery Levi, Jye, Tyler and me made a movie the movie was called the chase. In the movie was Tyler, Jye, Levi and me Levi was the filmer Tyler was the police Man and Jye was the police man to
Is to improve the plan and also to improve the filming
Why it is important to be responsible because in the movie you have to stick to the plan if you don't stick to the plan you might get all silly.
Today at discovery Nakia and me made a movie and the movie was called the
headless men I lernt to make a sript and a movie
My reflection is coded my

Today at discovery Levi Amos and me did a movie the movie was called the


At the start of the term I was Uni structure because I was shy and didn't know the rules. Now the stage I'm at is relation because if people are hurt I will help them.

I am relational because I can help the environment by picking up rubbish.
I'm good at helping hurt people.

I have related miss smith and Miss Pageot saying I remember that time.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Rileys poem

I am
Nissan skyline because I'm a fast at learning but  some times I don't think it though

I am
The Twin towers  because we work together

I am the ground because I'm flat out

I am apple because I'm hard

I am potato salad because I'm mashy and squishy

I am a Bullet, fast and furious.

Ko  Riley ahau